Wall to Table Planters
Wall to Table Planters
Wall to Table Planters
Wall to Table Planters
Wall to Table Planters
Wall to Table Planters
Wall to Table Planters

Wall to Table Planters

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Handcrafted in powder-coated steel for indoor and outdoor use, Wall to Table planters can be placed on or against any surface: walls, counter tops, window sills and tables. The clay pots and saucers and wall mount hardware are included with the planters. The elegant hanging wires are sold separately and available in custom lengths. 

  • Clay pots can be rotated for even growing or lifted out if you prefer soaking them in the sink. This makes it easy to do seasonal plant swaps as well. 

  • Saucers can be moved up to rest in top hole of planter to allow your kitchen herb garden to convert to wall candles in the off-season.

  • Not just for plants, use these for decorative storage too - space-saving wall storage for kitchen utensils, napkins, and other small items.

  • Great way to hold those fresh potted culinary herb purchased in the produce section of select supermarkets.

Small Wall to Table Planter - 4" pot and saucer included. Frame measures 5" x 5" x 3.5".  Ideal for cactus and smaller herb plants, like thyme and oregano.  

Standard Wall to Table Planter - 5" pot and saucer included. Frame measures  6" x 6" x 4". Ideal for 4 inch houseplants and herbs that like more space like basil, parsley and sage.

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How do Wall to Table Planters come on and off the wall?   

Wall Mount Instructions:

Each unit comes with a Wall to Table hanging piece, 2 screws (#6 1 1/4" ) and one dry wall anchor. This hardware allows you to easily move the planter on and off the wall. Alternatively, you may choose to do a stationary install - both directions are listed below. 

hang mount

Wall to Table On and Off Wall Mount 

 To install in drywall, DRILL ONLY ONE HOLE. 

1. Mark a line where you want it to hang. Line up the bend of the hardware there and then mark the top hole. 

2. Drill a 3/16" hole. Tap in a drywall anchor.

3. Put a screw through the top hole in the hardware and secure it into the drywall anchor with a Phillips Head screwdriver. 

4. Put the other screw into the bottom hole, directly into the drywall. This screw is only for side stability.

5. Hang the planter on the hook. 

Wall to Table Stationary Mount

Wall to Table Stationary Planter

If you just want the planter to stay in one place, you may choose to use one or two #6 Pan Head Phillips Sheet Metal screw(s) with drywall anchor, instead of the Wall to Table hanging piece.These screws are not included in the hardware package but are readily available in hardware stores. This method requires a short screwdriver. It's a great way to install the planters for public installations when the planters are intended to be stationary.  

How to Hang a Wall to Table Planter?