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Plant Inspiration Launches

This picture was taken just minutes before the market opened yesterday, Plant Inspiration's first day of business. I was so grateful for the opportunity to finally show my planters to the public. What a crowd! I heard that there were at least 8000 people who attended this event - The Big Wonderful (in the RiNo Art district). Next weekend I will bring more small planters, more basil plants, and more hanging wires. Many people asked about wall mounting to brick and this coming weekend, I will bring the hardware and information on how to do this. 

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Can Plants Increase Your Motivation?

 Being around plants gives us a greater sense of well being and connection. According to the scientific studies in the link below, being around and caring for plants has also been linked to increased memory and concentration, improved productivity, greater compassion, reduced stress, reduced depression and accelerated healing. The paper states, "Plants can help people to improve their performance at work and at home by increasing their perceived vitality and giving them more feelings of added energy."  This sounds a lot like receiving a motivational boost! The next time you are selecting wall art for your home or are redecorating your work space, consider these energizing benefits - choose living art.   Resource:  Health and Well-Being Benefits of Plants by Ellison...

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Cook Fresh - Grow a Container Herb Garden

  FAQs - PLANNING A CONTAINER HERB GARDEN What are the best herbs for container gardening?  Basil, Chive, Italian Parsley, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Mint, Oregano, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme Where should I put them? Mint, lemon balm, parsley and chive need only four hours of sunlight, “partial shade”. The other six herbs listed thrive with six or more hours of sunlight, “full sun”. If you have less than four hours of sunlight, herbs are probably not the best choice. While many herbs can handle eight hours of direct sun, this does not mean they love 90 degree weather. For heatwaves, move your herbs to a spot where they can receive some afternoon shade.  What herbs do well together in the same pot - companion...

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