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How to Water Wall Planters

When I offer information on how to water pots, people look at me like I am joking. While it may be simple, there IS a technique to ensure that your small potted plants are getting the water they need and are not overflowing. Most plants do not like to sit in saucers of water and this is especially true of indoor plants commonly found in smaller pots, like succulents and herbs.    What to do:1. First pour an estimated amount of 3 Tablespoons of water in towards the center of the pot, then wait 3 seconds. The waiting is the most important part. It allows the soil to moisten enough so that subsequent water can be absorbed and make it...

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Visiting the Crump Greenhouse - Succulents and Cacti

The feeling was akin to the first time I ever snorkeled, complete awe. My carefully prepared interview questions were left on a side table. This isn’t just any old greenhouse. It's the Crump Greenhouse, located down a side road in Buena Vista, Colorado. Mike Crump, guided me shirtless - his work uniform, through the aisles of succulents and cacti, while sharing their business story. He was a miner and when times changed, he turned to plants. Initially, he specialized in selling rare plants for collectors. He began collecting, growing and cultivating succulents and cacti in 1979.  Click post title to read more>

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