3 Low Light Plants for Your Wall Planter

low light houseplants

These plants tolerate low light and like to dry out in between waterings. Be careful of overwatering these three, especially during the wintertime when the days are shorter. If you live in the Denver area, these plants are available at Paulino Gardens, a large family owned greenhouse.

Pothos: You have seen this one around before and it’s popular for good reason. It is easy to care for and the leaves are beautiful. Right now I have one with solid deep green leaves hanging in a low light corner of my house and it’s doing great.

Peperomia: This plant comes in a wide variety of leaf shapes and colors. The leaves are glossy and thick, which causes many people to ask if the plant is real. Yes, thankfully, it is!

Parlor Palm: These sprightly plants add a subtle jungle vibe to your room. They grow very slowly so they can tolerate a smaller pot, unlike their larger relatives.

Picture above is from a living wall project called Connections completed for D4 Urban on a 22 foot corridor wall at Denver Denizen.