How to Water Wall Planters

When I offer information on how to water pots, people look at me like I am joking. While it may be simple, there IS a technique to ensure that your small potted plants are getting the water they need and are not overflowing. Most plants do not like to sit in saucers of water and this is especially true of indoor plants commonly found in smaller pots, like succulents and herbs.   

What to do:
1. First pour an estimated amount of 3 Tablespoons of water in towards the center of the pot, then wait 3 seconds. The waiting is the most important part. It allows the soil to moisten enough so that subsequent water can be absorbed and make it to the roots. Otherwise the water will flow down the sides of the pot directly into the saucer and dry soil may spill over the sides, which is of no help.

2. When you add the additional water, water slowly - it will still take you less than a minute per pot. It is easier to control the water flow with a watering can that has a long narrow spout.

Notes for Wall to Table Planters shown above: Plants can either be watered directly on the wall or the pots can simply be lifted out of the stands, convenient for reaching those plants higher on the wall.

Picture and beautiful mural, courtesy of Wendy Constantine of Felt Pixel Design.